Luca Chiantore is an Italian musician and scholar. As a concert pianist, he has performed in major concert venues in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. As a musicologist, he has lectured and given seminars at more than 150 universities and music schools worldwide.

His Historia de la técnica pianística (2001; English version, entitled Tone Moves: A History of Piano Technique, 2019) is the most read academic text on piano in Spanish-speaking countries. He is also the author of the first book to be published on Ludwig van Beethoven’s widely unknown keyboard exercises (Beethoven al piano, 2010; Italian version, 2014), and Escribir sobre música, as co-author alongside Áurea Domínguez and Sílvia Martínez.

He is professor of musicology at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, also teaching at the Escola Superior de Música Reina Sofia in Madrid and on the Doctorate in Music at the Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal. Since 2017 he is an integrated researcher at the INET-md institute.

Besides his activity with David Ortolà as Tropos Ensemble, in November, 2018, he launched a new artistic-research solo piano project, inVERSIONS (, focused on how musicology can offer alternative ways to perform the classical-music repertoire. Since 2003, Luca Chiantore’s activities have been coordinated by Musikeon.